I’ve gotten really lazy about Foto Fun Thursday.

Mostly because I forget.

Partically because no one wants to play.

But none the less there are pictures to share.

So I shall post a few from last Monday’s fun with our pioneer friends, the Colons.Peedles County-2

We walked about a half a mile or so down the road to photograph this beautiful brook.

(Note to self:  check camera battery before walking a half mile or so in the freezing cold to photograph a beautiful brook.  -just sayin)

After we hiked back to the house to changed my battery we ventured out in the car for some more photo-op fun.

Peedles County

This is Marissa.  Isn’t she precious?

Peedles County-5

Meet Deborah, the real pioneer woman.  Of course I caught her off guard. What fun is a posed picture?…..none!

Peedles County-3

You don’t see too many of these covered bridges any more.  Rumor has it this one should have been torn down, but thank goodness it was restored instead.

Peedles County-7

I’m not sure where this woody path leads.  We didn’t go exploring, it was just too cold.   Maybe next time.

Peedles County-10

The famous Adams County lake complete with Canadian geese.

Some friends come into your life and you like them.  They pass through and move on and you are good with that.  Live is a tapestry and we have to have crossed threads to weave the picture.  But isn’t it nice when life time friends come into your life and last forever.  I think that will be how it is with the Colons.  We have a common thread.

Looking forward to the fall when we see them again.

We have plans!

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Last Modified: February 28, 2014

2 comments on “Foto Friday-A Week of Good-byes

  1. Deborah

    Luv the pic of Josiah & Marissa, but next time give me a chance to smile.

    Very thankful that u both came into our lives.

    We will miss u.

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