UnknownLet’s talk Kiln!

It’s hot.  It’s slow.  It’s necessary.

I have graduated to the kiln.  The potter’s wheel had it’s challenges but oh my the kiln is something else!

I am changing.

Mercy. Long suffering. Humility. Faith. Compassion.  These are my new companions.

All of which I thought I had.

I did not.

But I am learning little by little just what these friends really look like.

The kiln process is killing me, casting off judgement, impatience, pride, and doubt.

I am dying!

Trouble is transforming my heart.

Have a lost family member caught in the twisted tangled mess of sin and hopelessness.

You will learn mercy.

Have those you love violate you in their rebellion against God.

You will learn long suffering.

Have your insignificance amplified by those around you and yet God says submit.

You will learn humility.

Face cancer, heart disease, and poverty only to be rescued by God’s hand of provision over and over again.

You will have faith.

Look into the eyes of an addict caught in a cycle of hopelessness.

You will have compassion.

What is God teaching you in your “kiln”?


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Last Modified: February 27, 2014

4 comments on “Forget the Potter’s Wheel!

  1. Alex

    I can certainly relate. It is the process of transformation into the image of Christ. The process of The re-Branded Life.

  2. Miranda

    I think that this is a process that I go through in relationships. Sometimes I have to be in the kiln a little longer so I can be molded and my heart is changed. I am currently going the process of mending a relationship and I thank God for helping me in this process.

    1. admin Post author

      Thank you Miranda. Its true. We are always in a process. I pray your relationship is mended. God does stuff like that all the time.

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